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I've been following these cars for quite some time and have been visiting the forums quite frequently trying to find as much info as I can about them. I used to own a 06 WRX, a 96 Nissan 240 with a built KA-T, 12 Mustang GT, and currently have my 13 BRZ. I love the way the BRZ handles but after driving my brothers 400 whp Sti I knew I wanted to get back into something with boost. I started out by test driving an ND Miata and loved it so I just knew the 124 Abarth was going to be my next car so I've put my BRZ back to stock so that I have enough of a downpayment for as soon as an Abarth hits in the configuration that I want. Anyways here's my BRZ in its prime (I know most will boo that it was stanced but I plan on driving the Abarth the way it's meant to be driven.)

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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