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Hello from Italy

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Hi guys

I got my Abarth last Friday, drove 350Km already and I love it.

Yeah I know she is dirty >:)
I'm new to RWD, lot's of fun, but with new tyres and wet roads... I didn't test it that hard
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The biggest issue for you is that you have a painted matte hood. While you can always see a line in any clear mask it is worth it for most. But in your case the matte black hood will look glossy where the film is. You could do it everywhere but the matte black paint.

For wrapping the best way to go is to clear mask first then add the matte/satin wrap on top to avoid the glossy situation. And yes, you may need to have new vinyl applied every few years since it will get hit directly.
Please explain why you recommend a "clear mask first" when you can just put a clear matte/satin wrap on it. Xpel offers the clear matte and completely wraps entire cars with it for a stunning look.
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The vinyl wrap really doesn't offer much protection . So places that use sand for snow can really do some car damage. So the clear mask does its job protecting under the vinyle wrap. I really don't want to do the protective mask but I live in Colorado and paint damage is almost year around these days. So I researched it to death.
Check this out.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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