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Long time waiting 124 Spider in Turkey. I belive my car is the first registered Spider in Turkey.
I pay $42.000 because of Turkish high tax. You are really lucky about pricing. By the way car tax calculating by value and engine size.
Fiat spider is one of the low tax car. Example of other car can be 2017 Camaro 2.0 Turbo with all options and features can be $110.000
I fly to istanbul take the brand new White Lusso and drive to 800km to my home town Kayseri
I really enjoy with 124 Spider on the way. First 400km max. 3500 Rpm and than slowly increase it.
It is really fun to drive, i love the car.
Today is rainy day. I am waiting to sun and sitting at home.
I order a lot of parts to my 124 Spider. I will post build thread.

I take a photo when i have fun on the way;) 5500Rpm 6th gear 220km :eek:


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