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Yes. I鈥檓 on my last leg of a week-long, 2,500-mile raid trip through WA, OR, ID, UT, WY and MT. The weather has been absolutely fantastic!

I came in the Jeep. But I鈥檓 already planning a road trip to Devils Tower WY, and Mt Rushmore SD in the Spider later in the summer. The speed limits here are 80 MPH, or almost 140 km/h. I鈥檇 be fun to cruise in the Fiat at 150 km/h!
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My wife has the EXACT same Lusso -- metallic dark blue, tan upholstery, and we LOVE it. Bought it new in October 2019. It has run FLAWLESSLY ever since, and drives like a dream. BTW your yellow shirt looks just fine!
Im glad you guys like your Spider too! I really like the color combo, especially the interior! Thank you for that compliment, IDK why that other person threw in that little side comment about my yellow shirt lol
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