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How to turn the Radio off

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Since no option currently exists to turn the "radio" off in our systems, other than muting the entire system, I’ve come up with an inexpensive hardware alternative, and rather than just ordering one, I made a bulk purchase to share with my forum buddies ;)

In return for a small donation to my coffee fund, I am making available these small Aux plugs that I call Ameridan’s Radio Silencer. They have no wires attached, so there is no clutter, they are very inconspicuous and by leaving it plugged in, they result in...

- no surprise FM music when your Bluetooth device is powered down / out of range or when you restart your vehicle
- experiencing normal audio behavior of all other audio phone calls, messages and navigation guidance announcements
- no huge "Mute" icon obliterating your screen
- nice empty AUX screen (displaying your background image) when in music mode, rather than a radio station's ID with advertisements and song titles flashing by

See my blog site for more details, if interested.
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