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I upgraded the speakers in my 2018 Fiat 124 Spider Lusso.
I highly recommend doing this because it was fairly inexpensive, very simple, and the sound quality went from near awful to Kick ass! :)

I used JBL Stadium GTO620 2-way speakers in the doors and JBL GTO750T Dome Tweeters with included crossovers in the upper side panels. I chose these speakers instead of the 4 way component speakers for two reasons. No need to wire the upper tweeter from the door because the upper tweeter comes with its own compact crossover that fits in the dash area and a second tweeter in the door speaker with built in crossover for added highs. You can use the existing factory wiring for all 4 speakers! Everything fit perfectly using Crutchfield speaker adapters in the doors AND the door panels did NOT need cutting as Crutchfield suggested. The new tweeters fit inside the excising tweeter holes using thin foam tape on the back to secure them in place. The tweeter crossovers tucked nicely below in the dash area behind the side panels. The excising factory amp in the Lusso has enough power to crank these speakers with clear loud sound including a LOT of accurate bass because these JBL speakers run on 3 OHMS instead of 4 increasing their output with the same amp power.

The sound difference is more than amazing with theses replacement speakers!
If you can't find the JBL model speakers I used, you can still get their newer model Stadium speaker models 62F and 192T. Be sure to get the needed door speaker adapter from Crutchfield to eliminate the need for door panel cutting. Also Be Sure to wire the speakers correctly (+ -) using wiring guide below.
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2020 Abarth 124 Brillante White Velleno package with Monza exhaust.
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not on the Abarth but I put JL audio speakers in my truck, and man does that thing sound nice. It had blown speakers so I figured why not? When the speakers go out on the Abarth JLs will be going in as well. Although I never listen to anything other than the exhaust note when in it. 馃お
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