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We picked up our new Fiat on Friday and have been driving a variety of roads here in Idaho to get a feel for it since. We traded a 2013 Scion FRS for the Fiat and previous to that had a 2003 Toyota MR2 Spyder, a 1999 Miata and a 1992 Miata.

I liked the FRS but feel it was more of a "boy racer" type car where the Fiat feels more like an adult drivers car to me and at 63 is a good thing. Steering is very quick and direct without feeling dirty. Power is adequate while not blistering and the torque comes on at a more usable range. I was concerned about power given the size of the motor but have to say I'm actually very pleased with the power even with the automatic. I will say that I think paddle shifters should have been stock on all automatics but that is a minor gripe. The FRS while faster over all comes on at a much higher rpm and normal driving doesn't feel any more powerful than the Fiat. The Fiat does have a bit of cowl shake under certain road conditions but should be cured with a front tower brace and not unusual for a drop top. I really like the top. Having it fold down on itself so you don't have to put the cover on is nice which is just like the MR2 Spyder. The other thing I like is the center locking mechanism. That works so well and so much better in my opinion than the two smaller latches on all my other convertibles. Both my wife and I found the interior very comfortable for us but I can understand that folks over 6' or so may feel a bit cramped. The 9 speaker stereo sounds great and once I figured out the infotainment system it works well.

We got up yesterday morning and drove up into the mountains out of Boise to a little town called Idaho City for breakfast. Loved the drive and my wife who has never been that excited about our previous sports cars or cars in general is really jacked about the Fiat. Right now ours is the only 2017 Fiat 124 in the Boise area and gets unbelievable amounts of attention whenever we stop somewhere.

So......the bottom line after 4 days of driving is its a great car for us and my wife just loves it. Doesn't get any better than that.
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