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INTRO: Good-Win Racing Fiat 124 with Progress & Race Spec Springs & KONI SPORT Shocks

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INTRO: Good-Win Racing Fiat 124 with Progress & Race Spec Springs & KONI SPORT Shocks

How much FUN do you want to have?

Got some questions on some of our choices and how serious folks might want to go. Well, coilovers are the answer for anyone serious about autocross beyond street class, or track days. But for less than good coilovers there are great fun choices with more moderate spring rates. Our standard Progress Spring shown here on our KONI SPORT shocks. The spring rates 185 Front, 115 rear. Works great with up to 17x8 wheels and 235/40 tires as shown here (Tungsten 17x8 6UL wheels and Toyo R1R 235/40). Took a trophy home at first SCCA event with this setup, it is a big improvement over stock, yet totally comfortable for daily use.

Available on our site in about 30 days, our new Race spec Springs for ND/Fiat 124 take things another notch more serious, particularly when combined with our sway bars. Spring rates jump to 300 front, 200 rear (which is still about half a serious coilover setup for rate). Shown here again on KONI SPORT shocks. Feels amazing, been barnstorming my favorite freeway 270 degree ramps today with this setup and the confidence it provides from driving flat through the turns is awesome. Shown here with our 17x9 Bronze 6UL wheels, 255/35 tires, and KONI SPORT shocks.

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I’m in the market for some springs, how do the progress compare to the H&R lowering springs/best for Abarth with 17x8 - 215/45 wheel setup?

thanks :)
We sell the H&R brand...but currently only list it for NC generation Miata, not popular enough to add them for ND/Fiat 124. Our Progress Springs have proven far more popular with customers year after year (our NC application Progress Brand springs sell about 50 to 1 over the H&R brand for NC).
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