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Italian Car Day - Toronto

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Hello my fellow Italian carenthusiasts,

Italian Cay Day, OntarioFiat Club and the Alfa Romeo Club of Canada (Toronto chapter) have workdiligently to schedule 15 spectacular events this year.
As we indicated last year, thethree Toronto Italian Car Clubs have joined the Montreal and Ottawa areaItalian car clubs counterparts to form the Amici Club (Associazione MotoriItaliani Canada Insieme) to unite the Italian Car Clubs of Canada.

Again for 2017, the three cities (Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa) will schedulethere local events as well as providing one major event that will bring all theclubs together in each city. We are calling them the "Four Majors".On the event schedule, these four major events are highlighted in green.

Please check out the attached calendar of events. We welcome all Italian carenthusiasts to come out to our events and enjoy.

For more information regarding these and all the Toronto events scheduled for2017, please visit us at:

The Italian Car Day site is aninteractive site, after joining the site you can create your profile includingphotos of your cars, RSVP your attendance to events and start conversationabout each the events.
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Good luck with your event, I know it's going to be a great day, The other day, I went for a antirust treatment and today, Here it's Waxing day, wash and wax her giving the best Meguiars ULTIMATE paste wax.
Reminder ICD is nest week

Dear Participants, Sponsors andVendors,
Italian Car Day is on Sunday August13, 2017, (Note SUNDAY) now in its 7th successful year thanks to youand all the sponsors, vendors and volunteers. Weather, as always is “guaranteed” to be dry and sunny.
You have two options toregister. Using the lync below
or the preferred and moreinteractive method with the ICD community at
There you can get updatedinformation on this and all our summer events, chat with other members, postpictures or simply browse.
Pre-registration will help usbetter manage the staging space by mark and print your show placards, allow youto cruise directly to staging area, keep you and your car “cool” and get a freeItalian Car Day cap
This year we welcome the Scuderia Ferrari Club Toronto whowill be hosting their annual BBQ at Italian Car Day event.
Hope to see everyone on Sunday August 13, 2017….and staytuned for more information
ICD Directors
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Anything planned for 2021 season? I am in Ontario.
With your Pandemic issues and closed Provincial borders, I doubt it. But maybe later in summer things could change. Good luck
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With your Pandemic issues and closed Provincial borders, I doubt it. But maybe later in summer things could change. Good luck
ok, thanks. Can you recommend a run in Ontario that I can do myself?
I live in Montreal and I do the annual 401 pilgrimage to Whitby and would meet my 124 friends, but one is moving to Montreal and the other sold his 124 spider.
August 7 2022……stay tuned for more info.
Anything planned for 2021 season? I am in Ontario.
It's gonna be great! Can't wait!
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