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...since I took delivery of my argento Lusso Premium manual with saddle interior. I found it on the internet (wanted red, but wtf) and plunked down the deposit while it was still on the truck from San Diego. When I picked it up, the sales gal said it was the first manual Lusso with the Premium package that she'd seen, and as far as she knew it was the only one available on the west coast. Lucky me, even though I paid full list for it. I just wasn't willing to wait until sometime next year, or go through the search for another one - gettin' old, y'know? Gotta get on with life.

I drove it about 200 miles on the freeway to get it home, varying speed as much as I could, rowing through the gears - trying to break it in - and then it rained for five days. Today I finally got the chance to get out and flog the thing properly. Still taking it easy (below 5K revs) but getting the friction point dialed in, etc. etc.

The weather was sublime for a November day, so I blasted around for a couple of hours with the top down on roads that I know well from motorcycling.

What a great little car. All the power I need if I stay in the right gear, and whooee does it like goin' around corners! I'm looking forward to many days of romping through the twisties in this thing. Big smiles!:D:D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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