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Just agreed on a deal for my new Abarth!

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Just came to a deal with my dealer in Indianapolis, I'll be receiving soon, and I'm beyond excited. Looking at $462/month on a 3yr lease, with only 1k down. (Trade-in)

Just a couple things I plan on doing and have questions about:

First off, I plan to add some additional badging on the steering wheel, and above the side indictators, like on the U.K. Version, as well as using the shorty entenna for the mx-5, that's okay to do on a lease, right? I'll find out when I go in again next week to actually get my car when it's delivered.

Secondly, I don't have a garage for it, since my garage is being used by my parents' cars, is it okay to keep this kind of car outside with the possibility of snow piling on the roof? Would a car cover help?

Also, car washes, is that a thing?
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A lot of the touchless washes give you a lot of things to choose from. What I like to do is select the most basic wash if i'm in a rush, if possible, i select rinse. That way I don't have to worry about any of their possibly harmful shampoo/conditioner/other cleaners harming the paint/wheels/trim/etc.
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