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Well, a call from the dealer today confirmed that my Classica is in the local train yard, and I'll take delivery next week!!:D

As such, I just placed an order at EuroCompulsion for a few goodies, including:
-Oil catch can
-V1 air intake (sans the K&N air filter)
-AFE synthetic (non-oiled) air filter (up to 120cfm increase over OEM, and the V1 intake, I think this will be enough air for me.)
-GFB DV+ diverter valve
-CravenSpeed stubby antenna

Today I had an email conversation with an AFE rep. about the filtering performance of this synthetic (non-oiled) filter, and if they will have a 124-specific air intake system in the future; their website shows intakes for other vehicles. CFM has been discussed in another recent thread, but I wanted info on dirt resistance. Here is their reply to me.

We do have filtration efficiency for each filter:

Pro Dry S: 99.3% filtration efficiency
Pro 5 R: 98.5% filtration efficiency
Pro Guard 7: 99.7% filtration efficiency

Those percentages reflect how efficient each filter is at catching all the way down to that 4 micron rating.

We are planning on developing an intake for that car but I'm not sure when it will be ready to ship.
Best Regards,

Tyler Carrington
aFe Power | Direct Sales

I'm taking this information at face value, I did not ask to see their test data. Enough people here have had good experience with them and that put me at ease. I'll clean the filter at each oil change.

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