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New owner here. Searched the forums a bunch but needed some 'for dummies' info for this noob re: the monza exhaust.

I just had the new exhaust installed today on my 2017. Unfortunately, I didn't think to look at the valve/springs because the exhaust is new. I figured it wouldn't be an issue. When trying the car I was a little bit disappointed as I didn't hear much of the character I expected and the exhaust even seems a little quieter than the stock exhaust (!)

I'm wondering if my valve is stuck shut. I have zero knowledge and experience with this sort of thing, so if anyone could indulge me and help me correctly identify what I'm looking at, I would appreciate it! I looked under the car and believe I found it... a nub on the left side of the car with a spring nearby. I was unable to turn the nub with my hand. Is that expected? I sprayed a little WD40 on the assembly and ordered some anti-seize compound coming next week. Anyone have any tips on how I can better identify what's going on? Is there a noticeable breaking in period for the exhaust?

Thanks -
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