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Day 3
All done !

Today was the final install day, placement of downpipe and final check through of all parts to make sure of leaks and other fittings.

Everything went well except aligning the downpipe with the turbo.
( thank you Spoolin32) he advised me what to leave loose towards the mid pipe and voila !

Now something that isn’t said since I changed some coolant lines as well is sometimes the car will take some more coolant

So after the first couple drives make sure the care is staying at the right operating temperature as the car is warming up and throughout your drive

Guys I’m so glad I’m done .
This accomplished feeling is what it’s all about.


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Ok so today was definitely a tougher day as I changed the oil return lines and fitted the new turbo.

The oil return lines weren’t bad to change just the tight spaces are difficult to get to. I had to order those through NGEN.

Next up I fitted the turbo to the exhaust manifold.

Now here is the part that I got stuck on for almost 2 hours.

The return oil line at the bottom of the turbo would not match up with the screws for nothing, I even removed it and adjusted it and nothing to no avail. I ended up calling GPOP ( the company that EC had make the turbo) and spoke to one of the mechanics there. He informed me that I was shipped a turbo fitted FOR A FIAT 500. I stayed calm and he asked me how mechanically sound I was, I told him very fluent, he proceeded to tell me that there was a small pin I needed to take off the compressor housing and also on the actual cover.
He continued to tell me how incredibly sorry he was that this had happened and I assured him that it is totally ok and I was just glad that I was able to get it working properly.

So then I continued with the install and it got late, and now tomorrow I will be finishing up by reinstalling the downpipe and the exhaust side of things !

Very excited!

Here is the photo of the small pin can be pulled with needle nose pliers
That is what is called "clocking" the Turbo to get the oil path to 90* if you have seen that reference before. The pin will hold it for a specific application as you found out but it doesn't have to be there at all. Then all you have to do is loosen the band on the housing and compressor cover to rotate it however you need it. Pay close attention to the compressor housing rotation because it affects the angle of the wastegate actuator to the flapper arm and someone in the past had some binding until they rotated more.

Great job so far and congratulations!
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