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I am not a small guy... 6'0" 260+ I'd say depending on you trunk and leg length, that 6'2" is about the max height.
I did test drive a miata before I went all in on the fiat, and really had no issues behind the wheel. Therefore full speed ahead on the 124 spider purchase.

My only complaint on the 124 spider is the seat bottom.. Im on the rails. I fixed this via a cushion. This is the one I bought:
NOTE: My wife loves the seats and thinks they are very comfortable. Its clearly an issue with my size (reductions ongoing).

Other specifics:
Ive got 2 inches in front of my knees, with the seat all the way back..
I can fully extend my left leg. Right leg a bit cramped (mostly on the right side to the centre console), but to be honest, its not really much more cramped than my mazda 6...

I also actually adjusted the seat a bit forward of all the way back so Ive got now 1 inch from my knee to the dash, and I can then get a slightly bigger angle on the seat back..
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