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2017 Abarth 124 Spider AT
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I've seen this thread discussed many times, but with no precise conclusion. So I'm gladly sharing some useful information I unwillingly got with my Abarth purchase.

TL;DR + Disclaimer
It is feasible, even from NA-spec to EU-spec. It will definitely void your warranty and enabling DRL may require some advanced electrical engineering skills.

For the brave ones, read further.

My NA-spec Abarth was initially equipped with halogen lights, but after a minor crash it was imported to Europe where both headlights were replaced with LED.

What works:
  • Low Beam
  • High Beam
  • Parking lights — segmented halo is lit discreetly
  • Auto lighting
  • DRL (ignores CMU setting)
  • No error messages on the cluster, none seen via OBD scanner, including proprietary ones.
What doesn't work:
  • DRL setting in the CMU due to a custom wiring applied (see below)
  • Adaptive lights and related functionality (lights aren't following the steering wheel and don't make a "calibration dance" when turned on). This requires a separate ECU which I don't have.
  • Automatic leveling: possible in theory, but too much hassle to wire imho.
The biggest challenge was wiring of the DRL. The custom shop I asked to deal with that spent a full day trying to make it work, and eventually found an elegant workaround.
My DRL is currently wired through an additional relay they installed in the hood fuse box, so they disregard the CMU setting and are always on, but turn off whenever any other headlight is on (parking, low or high).
I'm absolutely happy with the outcome now.

Some video of the result:

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2017 Abarth 124 Spider AT
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Yes, I had wondered about swapping the wiring for the DRL and the "halo" but the "halo" is really not very bright, acting effectively like a "sidelight" or "position indicator". Turning the lighting switch to the first position switches on the "halo" and the DRL comes on with the ignition. Not sure what you mean about "keeping high beam on the DRL segment" I thought it was only on the halogens that the DRL and high beam were combined?
Hmm, i thought on LED headlights the inner corner is DRL and high beam.
Then I guess i double my request of photos in different modes on stock LED lamps :)
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