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Not sure if my pictures got posted as I am still trying to get my head around navigating/editing/adding information to this site. Ozbob and Bill the Mechanic have done front (amber) and rear (red) side running lights and rear brake lights to our 124 Abarths. We are NOT here to sell any parts; just to show interested parties what we did to fabricate and install these LEDS.
Car Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Wheel
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Plant

Detailed diagrams with instructions and links to where we sourced parts will be available as soon as we complete.

We have also done side indicator lights (smoked) so that the side profile is all smoked and tidy.

You can also see that the exhaust quad pipes (and muffler) are custom and consist of 4, 3.5 inch pipes coming out of the muffler. There are manual (or if you desire) electronic bluetooth controls to open/shut off 2 pipes tips. If interested, we will tell you what was done here to get a nice mellow, deep sound
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