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The other day I was out enjoying the wether with the top down on my 124 an noticed it was running a little sluggish.
When I arrived at the house I put the car in natural (Manual tran) gave the engine a few heavy footed Throttle hits while in neutral just to blow out any gunk that may be hanging around Everything Appeared to be fine no issues.
Then I put the car in reverse and said what the heck give it another one for good luck. With the clutch all the way in and still in Reverse The engine would only give 3000 RPMs with the gas pedal pushed all the way down to the floor.
A couple of days later I tried again with the same results.

Is this normal, I don’t plan on going lickety-split in reverse just wondering if they have a rev limiter engaged while in reverse so that it will only reach 3000 RPMs, or do I have something Squirrley going on.
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