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After enjoying the ability to use the in-built 'live traffic' function since purchasing the Spider, this has recently 'disappeared'. The 'live traffic' option in the navigation menu is now 'greyed out'. Has anyone else experienced this?

I understand that this should be available for 3 years. The sudden inability to use live traffic seems to have coincided with the 1st anniversary of registration (my car was first registered (UK) in May 2018).

The problem is not anything to do with my mobile phone (cell phone) on which I can still create a mobile hot spot. The car still recognises the mobile hot spot (and my home wifi when parked at home) so clearly the problem is not to do with there being a lack of 4G / wifi.

I have referred the matter to my local dealer, who have been in touch with FIAT headquarters in the UK but they 'are unable to offer any resolution' other than send me a link to the toolbox web site >>> which seems a pretty useless suggestion on the basis it was previously working and previously gave me 'live traffic'.

I did suggest to the dealer that the fact this has disappeared on the 1st anniversary of registration suggests that somehow the car was erroneously pre-programmed with only one year of live traffic rather than the three years it should have come with

If anyone (especially in the UK) has come across this problem - or better still - found a solution, I'd love to hear about it.

Many thanks

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