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Looking forward to testing out the new Fiat 124

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Hi everyone, A long time Fiat Fan here, owned loads, my first car when I was 15 was a Fiat.

We've just ordered a Fiat 500x for my wife and I'm very tempted by a weekend car like the Mazda MX-5. Now I hear Fiat will be making one I'm going to hold off for more information to come out. :)
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Welcome along, where are you based at? Which Fiat was your first?
Thanks for the welcome, I am based in the UK although lived in France for a while. First Fiat was the original 500. :)
Welcome to the forums. I like you am looking for something fun at the weekends, a nice little roadster. I'm not sold on the Mazdas looks so I'm hoping something decent from Fiat comes along.
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