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2017 124 Classica
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"I'm not going to go crazy this time"

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

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So here's the original thread from my 124 Classica: Mad Fiat's 124 Classica

Starting a new thread as that one's in the "New Member" group, and I've got several big updates planned for this summer's off time.

First, How did we get here. My 500 Abarth was a crazy build, I told myself I would NOT be going so crazy with the 124.

So here we are.

Completed Upgrades/MODS (Not including minor cosmetics)
  • Enkei Compe 16x7 Wheels + Conti ECS 225/50r16
  • Forge Atmospheric BOV
  • Forge Wastegate Actuator
  • AFE Momentum GT Dry intake.
  • Eurocompulsion Stage 1 Tune
  • Record Monza Axle Back
  • AliExpres Turbo Blanket
  • Cusco Strut Brace

Planned / Bought parts Upgrades/MODS
  • Roadstersport Sway Bars (Purchased)
  • PacoMoto Sway Bar Reinforcement (Purchased)
  • Bilstein B8 Shocks (Purchased)
  • Eibach Prokit Springs (EU) (Purchased)
  • Eurocompulsion Crosspipe (Purchased)
  • DIY Intercooler Upgrade (Purchased)
  • Center Resonator Delete (Planned)

Prior Mods REMOVED
  • Autoricambi Resonated Axle Back - from prior owner, removed. Too quiet.
  • AFE Single Exit Axle back - Was good, still too quiet with center resonator, replaced w/ Record Monza.

And what's the purpose of these mods? Who knows. While I have done and will do occasional track days, it's not destined to be a track build - it's whatever I find fun.

2017 124 Classica
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I added up to 43 horsepower with a custom license plate. Someone else on this forum had this plate before, but they let it go and I got it now. Also some glamour shots because Fiat.

Cloud Sky Vehicle registration plate Tire Automotive tail & brake light

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Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Car Vehicle

Sky Vehicle Cloud Tire Car

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