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Love the FIAT Coupe, one of my favorite modern FIATs.

When considering marketing, also remember that FIAT has entered an agreement with Mazda. This agreement has clauses that prevent FIAT from building a "better" car than the Miata. European markets have Miatas that start at 130 ish horsepower. This is one of the reasons that FIAT starts the base model out at this. The fact that Abarth is marketed as an upmarket brand in Europe is also a reason. The US almost didn't get a truely branded Abarth model. It was originally going to be called the Elaborazione Abarth with limited Abarth badging. It was still badged as a FIAT.

See the images below. The US still did not get the Abarth interior with the badged seats and steering wheel. FIAT changed their tune when the enthusiasts voiced vocal disapproval with this approach.

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