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Monza Exhaust or Euro+Drive Tuning System???

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Hey All,
So I got a nifty little bonus from work, and I have just enough to get either the Monza Exhaust or Euro+Drive Tuning System...

I am just not sure which one to get. I eventually want both, but which one to get first is killing Either way, whichever one I get 2nd might be a while before I could get I am looking for some advice from the more experienced Spider peeps that have these mods installed. I am leaning toward Monza for simplicity and exhaust sounds, but I want the performance boost from the tuning system, so I am torn. Input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

"Oh come on lotto, I want all the things!!!"

Tizz šŸ˜¬
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Can't say which is best but for what it is worth, I visited Athens (as in Georgia, USA) Dodge's Mopar website three days ago and ordered a Record Monza for $756 + $114 shipping for a $870 total. Received it today.

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Will do. Here's the website and info: [email protected]

Order Contents:
Price Each​
$ 756.00​
Record Monza Exhaust

Order Summary:
1 products , 1 items​
$ 756.00​
Shipping & Handling to **951​
$ 114.02​
$ 870.02​
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