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Monza Exhaust or Euro+Drive Tuning System???

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Hey All,
So I got a nifty little bonus from work, and I have just enough to get either the Monza Exhaust or Euro+Drive Tuning System...

I am just not sure which one to get. I eventually want both, but which one to get first is killing Either way, whichever one I get 2nd might be a while before I could get I am looking for some advice from the more experienced Spider peeps that have these mods installed. I am leaning toward Monza for simplicity and exhaust sounds, but I want the performance boost from the tuning system, so I am torn. Input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

"Oh come on lotto, I want all the things!!!"

Tizz 😬
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Thanks Everyone!! I have a local Mopar site here. I hope they let me pick it up, instead of paying that extra $100 something for shipping!!
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Well...there are only two places that actually have it in stock... it's back-ordered everywhere. But they want well over $300 to ship, I am going to try to find another option for Celerity...
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all this jazz is what made me cancel my order and go for the system one from GWR. turns out, i love it
I would love to, but I do not have that much....I might try and save up for it..but, pocket...burns!!!
not quite as exciting as Monza exhaust, but better than stock with a nice price

I am actually seriously looking at this, resonated. It seems that the fate of any new Monza exhausts is up in the air if they ever make more...which is a total bummer...

I am putting my decision on hold for now...since the Monza Performance Exhaust by MADNESS is getting closer to production...They replied to another of my posts with an update. This is the other exhaust I really wanted. I will throw that bonus into some fireproof pants and wait a bit.
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Here ya go.

Wow...I am jealous. Nice find. What is the website? I might see if I can order one...
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If I had $1200, I would be all over the System One...but I do not, and with how things are going, it would be a while, even with my surprise bonus as a starting point. I still have options, and one is to save up, but I doubt it will still be on
Well, you might want the crosspipe then too!
Well fine then...

@TurboTX124 DM kind sir.
So...FYI...I have called around every source, and had a lead on two mopar shops on the East Coast who actually listed one IN STOCK. The one in NY wants over $ no. The one in FLA said it was already on hold/sold to an online customer. So, the Record Monza is 100% off the table.
But...I am looking around for other options.
So...I decided to go with suspension. It is a great set and is on sale.

FIAT 124 Coilover Kit - Corza Forza Performance - Strada Series
Font Art Terrestrial plant Tire Plant

I will start saving up again for the System's next.
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