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I have to chime in here. I don't know if Mopar will bring one out or not. That said, there are currently several VERY GOOD options.

1. Go Fast Bits DV+. You can't go wrong here, it's inexpensive and an absolutely solid choice on this car up to about 26psi. It doesn't make much noise because it recirculates internally. (unless you add an external blow off plate, Forge makes one)

2. Forge Internal BOV. One step better than the GFB. Can be used at boost levels north of 30psi. It's what I use on my 300hp 500 Abarth which has the same engine as the 124.

3. Forge External BOV. This has all the goodness of the Forge internal unit, but with external noisy whoosh sounds.

These two are here:

4. Forge external plate. This makes an internal valve into an external noisy valve. It serves no other purpose, but we have it. If all you want to do is get the whoosh sound from your stock or GFB part, this will do it.
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