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Hi Guys,
Had an an appointment today to test an auto Abarth,was limited to maybe an 8 mile loop.I put the car into Sport mode straight away and liked the car even with what little testing I was allowed.
My thoughts were the stock seats felt just fine for my 5ft 4in and 130lbs body,I found the firm suspension just fine and noticeable being firmer to the Lusso stick I also drove,the tires were over inflated at 45lb.The sales manager told me that was the proper setting and the car was fully serviced before being released for sale.I asked him to show me on the car where showed 45lb was normal,he finally went out to the Abarth I just drove and when he saw I was right he kinda walked away.I told the manager he needs to get his service deptment to get it right.
This was the first turbo I've driven and found no problem getting moving,I had more trouble adjusting to the stick as its been 11 years since I've driven an stick shift but in the short 8 mile loop my old talent didn't return,didn't stall out but a little jerky a few times getting going.
The sales guy I delt with couldn't have been nicer but every time the SM stuck his nose into this deal I more unhappy I got.I was offered a fair deal on a Pearl White with no options.I wasn't really ready to buy today,looking for a better interest rate than 3.29%.
I was most interested in checking the RPMs at 60 in an auto vs a stick,what I saw was 1800rpm in the auto and about 2500rpm in the stick,seems huge to me and likely to put me into the auto as I preferr a more relaxed motor at crusing speeds.I will likely wait for an 2018 to see what tweaks they make as I've never bought a first year model yet.
Overall I was satisfied but want a longer test drive but in a car whose color (black) I was not interested in nor was I wanting to put miles on a car someone else would be buying.Not too much interested a a first year model.
Hope some of you find this helpful

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