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Preparing my ride is always something I did in the fall with my touring bike. I am doing the same with the 124. I am lucky enough to park in my garage.

Wash/claybar/wax. If you have not used a claybar before it is amazing.
Condition the leather with a good quality conditioner. I use a Meguiars product.
Condition interior (dash etc) and exterior plastic with a UV protectant. I use Aerospace 303 UV protectant. Used on my bike and looked brand new after 11 years.
Condition soft top. I use Aerospace 303 fabric conditioner.
Silicone door seals.
Lube hinges. I use 90 weight oil instead of white grease.
Detail interior
Condition tires. Again I use Aerospace 303 UV.
Drain or use summer washer/bug fluid and replace with -45 winter fluid just enough to displace summer fluid.
Clean convertible top drains.
Add fuel stabilizer, fill to top with non-ethanol premium, drive home will run mixture through system.
Change oil & filter.
Pump tires up to 50 lbs. Put wood or carpet under tires if you like.
Remove plugs and fog cylinders with any fogging oil.
Release parking brake.
Crack windows slightly.
Put rag or paper towels under wipers.
Attach a good quality battery maintainer. Don't forget to follow instructions, i.e. loosen caps. I have attached a warning label for myself to remember to tighten caps in spring.
Cover with an old bed sheet or whatever you like to stop inadvertent bumps and scratches

In spring, start and drive your sparkling ride. Don't forget summer washer fluid, correct tire pressure, and battery caps. Fogging oil will smoke a bit as it burns off.
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