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Nav SD Card Lock to VIN

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I've seen posts with several mileage "about" numbers in the 60s for when the SD card locks itself to the car's VIN. Mine has been in for 65+ miles. I wasn't expecting balloons to fly out of the AC vents but I kind of expected some sort of on-screen message about the process. Is there not one? As far as updates and copies, the required nav management toolbox program described on the Fiat Connect 7.0 website is not yet available.
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I agree. Experimenting too early = too many unknowns and risks. Navteq does the map support (says the label). I have a dvd system of theirs in another car - for that one the Navteq updates were expensive ($300 each time) and slow to happen and completely discontinued 2 years after the model went out of production. I've seen one thing on the spider system that changed in the real world here more than 5 years ago. I really don't know how they keep track of changes that are happening all the time.
The Fiat Connect 7.0 book goes into detail about live traffic but also cautions "if equipped." I haven't see it work on mine. And based on this Mazda info, we're likely not "equipped." Also a possible future "uh-oh" for future map updates beyond 3 years.
When introduced by Mazda in 2015, this system had real time traffic. But in 2016, the feature was apparently disabled. Read this:

Real time traffic (via FM radio's RDS data system) is in the Fiat Connect book but likely just copied and pasted from Mazda's original book.


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Lots of learning what to expect. My Garmin - like your TomTom - displays traffic on the map. And it recalculates for rerouting. I once got stuck in LA traffic so bad that the Garmin traffic data caused recalculations so quickly that none of them ever completed and the system became essentially useless from overload. I haven't yet seen the yellow symbol on my Spider screen but I'll watch for it.
I'm just back from in-traffic driving with a route programmed. Throughout my system, all visible menu items related to real time traffic were grayed out and couldn't be selected. The traffic map I got from the nav info button was coming from "historic traffic." (It was way off today due to an accident.)
There is plenty of clarity over in the Mazda part of the universe - including direct info from Mazda. Mazda Connect (which has been rebranded for us as Fiat Connect 7.0) was designed to include connected services including live traffic data. It was launched for the 2015 model year with those features working. Beginning with the 2016 model year, Mazda deleted/disabled those features including live traffic data. Mazda dropped those items from their contract with Navteq which is the provider of updates for the Connect system launched in 2015. They have a new system in development that will be integrated with Apple Carplay and its Android equivalent. It's expected to launch perhaps as early as the 2018 model year.
The "Fiat Connect 7.0" system in Spiders is a Mazda system, not a Chrysler system. And not even the same as what's in other Fiats that are built by Fiat itself. Mazda has been very clear with their customers. Live traffic was discontinued from "Mazda Connect" as of December 2015 and has not been brought back in their brand cars to date. Also, 2015 Mazda owners have complained that after 2016 updates, they lost that feature which they had been using until that time.
It's very good to hear that Fiat has the live traffic activated (just like it says in the manual). I have to look at this in a different way now. I live right in the middle of some of the worst traffic in one of those listed metro areas and in my car (Classica with factory Tech Collection and nav card later self-installed), the live traffic function is not working.
Yes I get the full slate of local HD stations in the Seattle Metro market area. (and my Garmin gizmo gets traffic with no problems)
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