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Navigation SD card for $225

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As some of you know, I have been working with an EBAY vendor to offer a FIAT version of the SD Navigation card at a reasonable price. After a couple of false starts, the supplier has come up with a version that works! Be aware, the weather is horrible here, and I have not taken the car out of the garage for full testing, but I successfully installed it and got through many of the features. I am convinced it works, but obviously, I can't guarantee it. The link to his ebay listing is included in this note, but before I post it,the seller, a person I only know as narinjinnamkk0, has been honest and supportive in the quest to come up alternative solution to FIAT's offer. I can offer my full endorsement of his fairness in his dealings. Now here is the EBAY link to his posting This would make a great Christmas present for your spider.[/url]
P.S. These are U.S. and Canada maps. Cheers!
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In three years I hope to know where I am going.
if not u can always count on someone being willing to tell u where to go.
Hello, all. I've just joined the forum, and have recently purchased a 124 Spider (new to me, but actually pre-owned for a few months - don't know the details of that). It's a Lusso, with the Premium package, including Sirius and navigation. Everything (including basic navigation stuff) works fine, EXCEPT the traffic functions - which seem to be grayed out on the various screens. I'm assuming that something needs to be done to activate these - yes? What to do?

FYI - I did ask FIAT this question, and they suggested I call Sirius to get a traffic subscription. I did make the call, but the representative (who seemed a bit unsure) said that they did not offer this for my radio. Should I call back and discuss further? Should I be asking for a system for a Mazda instead?

Thanks for any advice - appreciate it!

Bob P
On all other FCA vehicles they use Sirius traffic info, which was very helpfull to me in past car. As the 124 uses Mazda technology it is different. The most recent info I have gotten out of Chrysler for the US market is that live data is received by all NAV capable radios via FM radio signal provided by Total Traffic Network but that info is limited to major metropolis areas. Their coverage areas can be found on their website at just search around for the coverage maps. Outside of those areas your radio relies on historical data.

I actually have the Total Traffic App on my phone and while not great at accuracy does help at times. I have noted that just like the PA state traffic website it is slow to note an accident and traffic delays. So if the 124 uses the same info then you might find yourself in the middle of a traffic jam/ back up from accident if you get there too soon after it happened.

One thing i did find odd and might have to do with traffic info was when i brought my car home from CT. I got off at an exit to get gas and stretch my legs and when i resumed driving instead directing me back onto the highway it directed me to follow some back roads, and i mean back roads where there were one lanes bridges. 3 times i passed a spot where i figured i could get back on the highway but instead was directed right past them. I at first thought well it must have a reason, but eventually just took the 4th opportunity and ignored the NAV directions. I haven't had a chance to double check setting in the car to see if maybe the issue lies there or something else.


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Saw this online today after my comments on the nav being odd on my trip home from CT. Land lot Adaptation Signage Road
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I just used waze for the first time during a trip in Costa Rica and it was very helpful. A local recommended it and while I never compared it to Google map, waze was easy to use even though it was set for Spanish and I can't speak/read it.
All very interesting. The HD RDS signal, IMO, is the best way for FCA to go with live traffic because all our cars with Navigation have it and no subscription is required. I am on the edge of a metropolitan region included in the listing, but I have not heard any live updates in admittedly few attempts.. I will explore further. Regarding your issue, the route planner does allow avoiding highways. Your description is how the Nav would act if that feature was inadvertently turned on.
the odd part was up until i pulled off the highway to stretch and fuel up it had been taking me all highway from the original destination. i got off in NJ so i went through CT and NY fine, all highway. once i got off the highway it didn't seem to want to put me back on it.? i hadn't even touched the NAV it just auto resumed when i restarted the vehicle.

Stelvio, have you checked your NAV settings, if i remember from my first 124, you can adjust the delay before it reroutes so maybe traffic hasn't been bad enough to require it to reroute?
Your caution is noted, but I would add that I updated by Ebay card with new maps on the official FIAT site and not only did it update correctly but the site acknowledged that my card was now registered with FIAT and encouraged me to come back for future updates. I don't see a problem with the one I got from Ebay
did want to point out that you would have had to update the maps with the official Fiat of EU or UK website and not the official Fiat US website as they still do not have that on the FiatConnect website 8 months after cars started to be sold in the US
Has anyone else had trouble with this card? Mine has been working fine until yesterday morning when it would not load. I then tried doing an update and it got about half way (53% loaded) and then crashed. Now the computer won't even recognize the card. I tried contacting the vendor but so far no reply.
So far i have only once had the same issue unfortunately it was when out of town on a trip and I really needed it. Tried restarting the car several times and popping the card out a couple times, but it never came back and i had to use my phone to get home.
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