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Navigation SD card for $225

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As some of you know, I have been working with an EBAY vendor to offer a FIAT version of the SD Navigation card at a reasonable price. After a couple of false starts, the supplier has come up with a version that works! Be aware, the weather is horrible here, and I have not taken the car out of the garage for full testing, but I successfully installed it and got through many of the features. I am convinced it works, but obviously, I can't guarantee it. The link to his ebay listing is included in this note, but before I post it,the seller, a person I only know as narinjinnamkk0, has been honest and supportive in the quest to come up alternative solution to FIAT's offer. I can offer my full endorsement of his fairness in his dealings. Now here is the EBAY link to his posting This would make a great Christmas present for your spider.[/url]
P.S. These are U.S. and Canada maps. Cheers!
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Just bought mine for $130 on ebay. Glad I passed on the $500 dealer option. It arrives tomorrow so hopefully it works.
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Sorry the price paid was $149. The sellers name is thetanks15. And all his feedback says it is legitimate. I received it today and will test it tomorrow.
Got my card it works great. I'm guessing since I don't have satellite radio no traffic loads am I right?
You need to remember that this is a Mazda radio so Uconnect and Garmin have nothing to do with it. My Wifes car is a jeep with the uconnect garmin NAV and it is hands down the worst NAV system I have ever used it will frequently tell us to get off the highway just to get back on the same exit for no reason at all. Nothing beats google maps I would never take a long roadtrip with out google maps on my phone. Thats why for 150$ I figured the unlock was worth it as a backup but for $500 thats just crazy.
For you guys who updated your maps what web site did you go to?
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