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First of all I would like to thank everyone for the contributions to this site. It has really helped with some of my decisions pre and post purchase. I have a white Abarth manual that I purchased about a month ago for just under $30k. The only options are the luxury upgrade and 100K warranty. Since purchase, I have painted the brake calipers red, wrapped the hood and trunk in satin 3M black (including the strip between the convertible top and the trunk - I don't know why they leave that just because the originals were like that), wrapped the mirror and the shark fin in red, painted my drink holder rims in red, and wrapped the tie down circle and the lower front bumper in red. The wrapping was new to me but I am handy so I tried it. The black on the hood and trunk turned out great. Only the mirrors need to be redone. I did not use 3M on the mirrors and I think that may have been part of my problem. One shrank and wrinkled slightly and the other is starting to peel up. I only paid $110 for all of the wrap, so I don't mind re-doing the mirrors. I also got a nice ABARTH steering wheel insert, which I am pretty pleased with. It is domed metal and I hope it doesn't decapitate me one day when the air bag deploys.

I am really having fun with this car. No one knows what it is. There is now no FIAT emblem anywhere and I removed the 124 Spider emblem. I cannot fuel up without intrigue. I love the growl of the exhaust and the ease of handling.

I am in Malabar, Florida and loving my drive to work everyday! I have only had to drive with the top up twice in the month that I have had her, and one of those time I just slowed to about 40 mph to pop the top down on the highway. It is a great fun car and I hope it holds up to my 100 mile drive everyday.

Thanks again and have a great week!


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