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Here is the photo. Too busy praying for more horse power to get the picture right.
Wow, that is a stunner.

If you guys have been following the news on the new Alfa Romeo midsize sedan project (rumored to be named Giulia), reportedly Sergio Marchionne had the design team redesign the exterior at least three times until in his opinion it was JUST right. We can each make our own judgments in about two weeks when the production version will be revealed to the world.

I'm hopeful that this obsessive attention to producing the RIGHT design is also the course for the 124 Spider project. With the newest Miata MX-5 unveiled to the world for quite some time now, one has to ask what is taking Fiat so long to at least show a concept of what the car will look like. I'm hopeful it's because they're sweating the details, like the Giulia project, and that their efforts will truly result in something stunning like that one rendering posted by @russwa.

Another rendering:


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One more rendering!

This is an unusual rendering that I have not seen before. Though the test mule recently revealed doesn't look like it could be hiding this version of the 124, I hope it does. Note the Ferrari 599 scoops on the rear fenders.

One more thing, for those looking to drool over Fiat Spiders, check out These are true beauties for guys who love the car.


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