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2020 Abarth 124 Brillante White Velleno package with Monza exhaust.
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The side splitters and diffuser definitely look good but I'm wondering, how was their customer service, were they easy to deal with? How long did it take to receive your order after placing the order? Did they charge you for the full order amount prior to actually shipping the order? Is the quality of the product what you were expecting/hoping for?
I have been contemplating on and off for quite some time about possibly getting a Spoiler Cap (Gloss Black for my black Abarth) from them but a couple of things have always kept me from pulling the trigger and actually ordering one. First is the high number of negative customer reviews that show up online for this company and second is the lead times involved. After seeing this post I once again checked on and they're showing a lead time, if I were to order a Spoiler Cap today, of 4 months, not available until November 2022. I recall reading where some have waited 6+ months to receive product.
So, just kinda curious if you don't mind sharing, how was your overall experience in dealing with Maxton Design?
I waited four months for the spoiler cap. When it arrived it was only glossy on the topside, and it is just a poorly cut piece of abs plastic. The design is awesome it’s too bad the execution was as cheap as possible. Oh yeah you have to pay for it in advance and still wait forever. Honestly if I could do it again I would go for the Goodwin spoiler. It looks better, is made of acrylic I think, is adjustable, and actually functional. I think they cost about the same too.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts