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2019 124 Spider Abarth, Mare Blue w Heritage Stripe
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Hello everyone!

Since October 2020 I've been searching for a car, something that might not be the most practical thing ever, but would undoubtedly put a big smile in my face every day.
Some options where in the table at first, but a few months later I was pretty much settled that the car that I wanted was the 124 Spider.

I looked on the market for used 124 Spider Abarth, I had my mind set on a red with the heritage stripe, although options on that particular color scheme where close to none...but I did find one that peaked my interest.
A 2019 model 124 Spider in Mare Blue with a heritage stripe, 11000 km on the clock (close to 6800 miles), 6 speed manual and with the Record Monza exhaust. It had everything I was looking for

Without any test drives done, I started digging on this forum for opinions on the 124, as well as on Youtube.
That way I could get to know the car before getting inside it.

When I eventually had the pleasure of doing the test drive and got to see the car in person, I instantly felt in love with it.

It has been with me since end of March and I've been using it as my daily driver and weekend toy.
I couldn't be more happy with it!

I've added a few pictures I took, let me know what you think of this color scheme!
Not the one I wanted at first but quite a rare combination for the 124 Spider.

A big thank you to all you for creating such a great forum with so many interesting informations for all 124 users, glad to be part of it!
Greetings from Portugal!

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