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I just bought a 2019 124 Abarth from a dealer in Helena, Montana and Carfax also shows it was sold New in Helena, Montana. in June 2020.

I am wondering if anyone knows who the previous owner of this particular car is so I can ask a few questions about any mods that they did on the car.
10,800 miles
VIN: JC1NFAEK3K0142850
-Recaro seats
-Record Monza exhaust
-comfort and convenience group
-nav and sound group
-visibility group

Apparent mods in pictures (haven't picked it up or even seen it in person yet)
-Evo Corse rims "San Remo" in white (I probably will sell these)
-EuroCompulsion catch can
-EuroCompuldion V4 intake
-PTP turbo blanket
-some sort of ECU tune (a tuner box thing was found in the storage compartment)

Now I get to drive it 2100 miles to New Orleans and later to its permanent home next to The Dragons Tail in Tennessee!

Sorry for the low res pictures.

So stoked!


2018 Abarth 124 Spider, Mare Blue / Nero Abarth Leather, Brembo's, Record Monza, Automatic
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I do not know who owned this car previously, but Welcome to our forum, and Congratulations! Happy Spidering! Best, s
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