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No "shark fin" on 124!

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I noticed that none of the 124s at the dealer had the dreaded satellite radio fin. But I suppose there is some aftermarket antenna, right? Did anyone get that option, and if so, where is your antenna?
Over in the Miata forum, you would not believe the state of rage over the "shark fin". I guess it's a default item from the factory and Mazda did not source it wisely. The German cars have a much smaller one, and you can trust that it's effective. But if you believe the postings, some people are rejecting the car over the antenna! Pretty intense.
I have no affection for XM, so will not opt for it. But if I wind up with a Miata I'm not getting my dander up over the shark fin.
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My Prima has a shark fin! and I have one year free XM...I didn't know the shark fin was XM so I wondered why there were two antennas!
That was actually what I was looking at too and then I stumbled upon your comment lol :D
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