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I bought a Grigio Argento (aluminum) 124 Abarth on Saturday and having a blast with it. It's my first roadster, so I'm still getting used to the ride, but having the top down makes it easy to disregard a few bumps. Really enjoying this forum; if there's one thing I've learned it's that everyone has an opinion on motor oil>:)>:)

Seriously, I'm not going to be an envelope pusher in terms of mods, but I appreciate that those who do are so willing to share their experiences, good or bad.

I was thinking about the ECU flash, but the catch-can business has me wondering if I'll exacerbate that issue by driving harder with the new flash. I'm not going to run it too hard, so maybe not a concern.

Looking for a DIY on simple oil change; so far one member said he had to remove a an aluminum plate to get to things, and others have suggested that oil change shops will want to "suck" the oil out instead of draining it. I guess I'm old school and would prefer to drain. My BMW has a shield on the bottom, but an access panel for the oil plug; anyone know if our panel can be modified to include an access door?

These are just some of my early thoughts with less than a week of ownership.

NCTim in Norwood, NC (just NE of Charlotte)
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