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I am curious...Before buying my #87, I read that there would be 124 Launch Editions. Then, a dealer told me that US only had 99, leaving me to think the others must be in another country. But now, after a bit, I am wondering: are there 124 worldwide, or per UK, Canada, US?

Does anyone have any idea about where you could find the actual number of Ltd Edition Primas that really exist? and where?

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There are at least this many:

124 limited in US - Blue "Launch edition"
124 limited in Canada - Bronze magneto
124 limited in UK - Red "Anniversary Edition"
124 limited in Continental Europe - Red "Anniversary Edition"
100 Abarth 124 limited in Australia - Doesnt seem to be one color. (only Abarth's in Australia, no standard Fiat models) Launch Edition (confirmed 100 total)
First 2500 Abarth 124 in Europe have a limited plaque.

I havent seen any in other countries to date.

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In Continental Europe we have:

124 limited in Continental Europe - Red "Anniversary Edition"think the list for the Anniversary (Passione Red/black leather):

Switzerland 5
Germany 40
Austria 10
Portugal 10
Holland 10
Spain 20
France 24
Benelux 5 (Belgium and Luxembourg)
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