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Oil temperature light at startup normal?

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I have an Abarth Automatic, and EVERY time I start the car, the oil temp light (blue) comes on until a valid temp is shown on the display. Is this normal? This is in manhattan beach, which isn't a very cold spot (60s during the winter). I usually give it a minute before driving off, but it generally stays lit for 3-4 minutes after driving.
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It's a low engine coolant temperature, not oil. My manual Abarth does the same, unless of course I've previously been driving and the coolant is already up to temperature (e.g. when stopping for fuel, etc.).
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oops, meant that. Okay, just wanted to make sure it was something normal. I didn't recall seeing that mentioned in the owners manual.

Normal but odd. I pulled over to the side of the road the first time I saw the blue light, thinking something was terribly wrong, lol.
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I did the same.

In the manual it's stated that is a normal feature.
I came out of a 2010 MX5 that had had extensive tuning done to it, and with it came continuous CEL's, which basically drove me to the point of dumping the car and buying the new Abarth. I DO NOT like seeing dash lights of any sort, other then turn signal flashes.
Are we all too young to remember older Fords with the blue "do not beat me 'till I'm warm" light? As a general rule RED lights require immediate attention, Yellow or Amber not so urgent, but not to be ignored, other colors are usually not warnings, more informational in nature.
If its any consolation, my Mazda3 has the same feature. And yes, I initially thought something was wrong the first time I saw it. By the way, I'm from Texas and even in 100 degree weather that blue light comes on until the engine reaches operating temperature.
Not a bad feature on a Spider with a stuck-open thermostat! Which is the case with my Abarth; I'm waiting for the parts man to call and say he's got one. Meanwhile I'm careful with the engine while the blue light shines for 10 or 15 miles here in 40° weather.
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