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Was at the Alfa Romeo Spettacolo in Melbourne today. 3 Abarth 124 Spiders on display amongst a stunning display of Alfas, Lancias, Maseratis, Ferraris and Fiats. But this one got our attention...
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Yes thanks for posting, just trying to decide today on the heritage stripe, this helps convince me that's the way to go.
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The heritage stripe was the first one I saw so that is what I wanted from the start, my son tried to talk me out of it, but I am moving forward, I still love the look, even more so after seeing your pic! I also see you are a fellow BRZ owner, I have a gray 2014 BRZ that I LOVE...I was torn but had the chance to get the 124 so going to make the switch. But who knows I may switch back to the BRZ, it's my favorite car I've owned!
Yes. We currently have the MY14 BRZ and the Abarth. The BRZ is stock apart from STi lowering springs, STi strut brace, STi wheels (with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx RT rubber) and an STi exhaust. Lovely thing to drive on backroads but the torque deficit makes it annoying in the city. I think it's going to get replaced with an Alfa 4C or a Lotus Elise SC (which I'm slightly leaning towards) next year.

BTW...Back to back, 98% of the time you are going to be happier in the Abarth than the BRZ. I'd give the BRZ the VERY slight edge with respect to handling and steering when you are at 9/10ths. But that's like 2% (or less) of most people's driving reality right? The Abarth is nicer everywhere else. I'd be surprised if you regret the change.
So good to hear, I can't wait to get the Abarth here, I wasn't able to test drive one, drove a 124 lusso but it was an automatic, test drove a miata stick, then went on the search for the perfect Abarth!! I can't for the life of me understand why there are any automatic Abarths?? :D

Will report back when it finally arrives.
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