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anybody knows something about following codes if they are correct ?

10: Heavy Variability, Confirmed Order. Fiat has your order but it can still be changed

13: Light Variability, Confirmed Order. This is the point where only limited changes to your order can now happen.

16: Fixed, Confirmed Order. your order is now fixed and can no longer be changed with regards factory spec.

20: Built, Fairly self explanatory.

30: Shipment, At dock waiting to get on a boat.

35: Transit, On the water bobbing along to Antwerpen.

40: Arrived, At the docks in Antwerpen.

45: Ready, Car is waiting for collection by transport company.

50: With Delivery Instruction, Delivery instruction has been sent to transport company.

55: Goods Out, Car is on a transporter on its way to your dealer

60: Arrival at Dealership, Yay! From Status 60 till you pick up your car is now dependent on what dealership options you have, how efficient your dealer is and when you want to pick it up.
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