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Now everyone seems to believe that it is always sunny in Cornwall but hey we are surrounded (almost) by sea which means evaporation, clouds and (fairly) regular rain. My Spider - Boris - lives half in and half out of a carport so I decided a cover was required. After much consideration I went for a Stormforce cover from Cover-Zone. At £175 it's not cheap but having now fitted it I think worth it. For anyone looking for an outdoor cover here is my view on the Stormforce.

Cover-Zone were great and delivered in two days using a trackable service - useful. The cover comes in a smart, sturdy bag with some useful fitting/care instructions which are worth reading before you fit it (which I didn't) The description says it's a 4 layer breathable fabric with a protective internal layer to prevent scratching paintwork. The fabric feels tough and all of the layers seem to have been woven together to form one piece of material. The internal protective layer feels a little flimsy and could do with being a bit more substantial - time will tell.

Product details on the website and in the instructions seem a bit contradictory i.e. Website says can be fitted to wet car and instructions say car must be dry before fitting - will follow up.

All in all it is a good fit and goes on easily and I gues that £175 is not too much to pay to protect a £20K car ?

Hope this helps

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