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Phoenix Arizona Area Fiat 124 club?

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Is there a Fiat club in the metro area?
Just got my Spider and was looking for other owners to talk to and share with.
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Apr 8 for the devil. At Dina's karinderya at 11 am
I might be able to make that if I lock up a deal for my 4th 124. I will post back if I manage to pick it up soon. I am in SE NM and Clifton is an 8 hour drive. However, I have driven 666 multiple times and I really enjoy it. I haven't been in a few years now.
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First one ('17 silver Classica) was sold to a family member when I found an silver Abarth ('18 with Recaros/Brembos/no Convenience package) to buy. Second was sold to the same family member when a hail storm totaled the first one and I bought another Abarth ('18 pearl white with every package). Third was sold at the height of the car bubble and I made 6k over what I paid for it. Each were heavily modified by me and I always wanted a red one. I have found one and I hope to get it. The dealer that has it is very unresponsive and I don't know if I will be able to get it or not.
Nice! Hopefully the one you gave the family member is kicking around too. Well, hope you get the red one and join us on the devil in a couple weeks!
Yes, he still has the Abarth as his only car and he is pretty high-mileage now. He hasn't had any problems. The red one just got sold today, apparently. It dropped off the website and I can't get any of the 3 people I was trying to communicate with at the dealership to give me any information... It looks like I will be Abarth-less even longer. I still have my '20 ND GT RF with a supercharger to tide me over.
1 - 3 of 108 Posts