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I had a meeting in Oakland CA at a train yard, them fellow get up pretty early now, but it was time to drive back to my office. But as I was driving South on route CA 880/17 I had the realization that if I were to venture straight, the very road I was on would take me to Santa Cruz CA. Now that is a pleasant thought, especially since it is a bit of a drive. Didn't take long for me to realize I needed a mental health drive. The top was down and the music was playing, hey it's my birthday month!

First stop, Santa Cruz.

Then of course a picture with the Ocean.....

....but wait....just drove by a little sister, even for sale. I just had to go back for a family picture!

I felt sooooo guilty so I had to get back to the work, by this time I was in the fields in Aptos. But I did start my journey back. back "over the hill" as they say. Really that is how we describe the Santa Cruz mountains.....the Hill! Now the real cool part was about to happen.....

Driving in the clouds!

Notice that the road is not really wet, this is California rain. Top was down, look in the mirror.

then it happened again:

Driving in the Clouds, top down, ya gotta try it. (Should have pointed the camera up, just means that I have to do it again.)

Not a drop of rain in the cab. What fun.

That's all I could fit


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