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So two Fridays ago I installed the full unresonated Goodwin Racing Abarth exhaust and the GFB diverter valve on my car. I drove it quite a bit through the weekend and it was all good until Tuesday morning the CEL came on on my way to work. The code read as the post Cat O2 sensor reading lean, so I unplugged the battery and pumped the breaks to get everything out, then cleared the codes to see if maybe it was just confused with the larger pipe.

Right after that my gas gauge was all messed up and reading that I was getting 11 miles to the gallon in the city but the CEL stayed off. I filled her up a few days later and the mileage issue went away, all of this with no noticeable change in the behavior/sound of the car. The CEL stayed off until yesterday afternoon, so roughly a week and now it's back and after I cleared it the cycle has begun again.

Sorry this is a novel, I tried to be as detailed as possible. Given the circumstances I can't imagine the O2 sensor is damaged, we were very careful with it. Goodwin said I should take out the spring in the diverter valve but I can't imagine that wouldn't throw a code anywhere else before the cat.

I'm an engineer who is fairly new to working on my own car, but I figure you gotta start somewhere, so any help with this would be appreciated. I took it to the dealership last Friday, but they seemed unable to do anything unless it had a code showing at that time. They also were really sketchy about the exhaust voiding the warranty even though I asked them about it before, so I'm trying to avoid taking it back there if possible.


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