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2017 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth, fully loaded from the factory, with just a wee bit of aftermarket mods.
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You should find more than a few threads on here talking about turbo blankets, including the PTP version which many of us bought. You'll see that many of us turfed that long bolt as it serves no function. Consider it the appendix of the Spider, and you're doing a proactive surgical removal. At least the blanket now ships with the right hardware to install it. When I bought mine a few year back, they provided no hardware and suggested you reuse the existing bolts... except the factory bolts aren't long enough... so I had to make a run to the local hardware store to buy some stainless steel bolts long enough to secure it, along with some SS washers to hold everything down nicely.

On page 5 of that XtremeRevolution thread, you'll find this post How To Install Turbo Thermal Blanket , which is where I described my installation of the PTP blanket in my vehicle.

Humour Trivia: I notice in my post (linked above), that my double use of the word "H E double hockeysticks" got replaced with asterisks. I guess we have editorial removal of sensitive language being performed by the forum hosts. Good thing I didn't come out cussin'. lol
1 - 1 of 11 Posts