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Questions about the battery and charging system

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Has anyone else been monitoring the battery voltage of their car while running? I'm noticing that at idle I measure only around 12.6 volts right after starting. And after cruising even 20 miles or so at highway speeds of 60 mph, I almost never see even 13 volts. After driving 40 miles today, all on the highway, it finally was showing around 13.2 volts of charging. Don't these numbers seem really low? I'm expecting to see upper 13's and above 14 some of the time, but have never seen even close to that.
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This is normal for new technology charging systems. They essentially turn the alternator off for periods of time when the battery is fully charged and run off of the battery alone. This removes parasitic losses and saves fuel. Don't be surprised to see 12.0 readings.
Living in the "Valley of the Sun" (Phoenix area) I somewhat feel bad for folks that have to put away their baby for the winter while I'm out having so much fun :) Enjoying 80 degree weather right now.
I agree...we will not require that battery charger around here:)
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