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Red Stubby Antenna for 124 Abarth.

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Several posts said that the Cravinspeed antenna was the best. However, in talking with Customer Support, they said their red antenna would only fit the 500 Abarth, and would not fit the 124 Abarth, and furthermore, they had no plans to add a red antenna for the Abarth.

Anyone have any links to get this red stubby antenna for the 124 Abarth?
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When I ordered my stubby from cravenspeed in October was given the choice of red or black for the 124. Maybe they ran out.
Tom: This is how I plan to solve this issue. 1. Google "How to match car paint color." That will produce many paint duplicatation companies. 2. Get the paint code, probably near the driver door jam, on a Red Fiat 124 Spider Abarth. Most of the companies found in the Google search have spectrometers that precisely identify colors. Many also guarantee a perfect match. Don't have my Red Abarth yet, but could get the paint code if I could find a Red one at some local Studio.
The paint codes are all Mazda paint codes. You should have no problems matching using the door code. and ordering the correct Mazda paint.
Hope it works for you. You'll need to figure out a way to paint the base of the antenna as well as the stubby. The base is black and not a Cravenspeed part.
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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