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Adding a Homelink Mirror Device to my Classica was something I have been looking to do since I purchased the car. In the interim, I have been using a remote opener tucked into the visor to open and close my garage doors.

Found this thread on the Miata forum,, that peaked my interest. Looked doable, so I purchased a used Gentex 313 for a 04 - 06 NISSAN ALTIMA SL SE S REARVIEW COMPASS AUTO DIM HOME LINK MIRROR off ebay ($45.00), as well as a Fuse Tap and installed the mirror.

The wiring went reasonably well and the only thing I did differently from the above post is that I attached the ground wire to the post bolt that secures the fuse box beneath the dash and removed only the left side bolts on the liner sufficiently to run the wiring up to the mirror wires. I also used Posi Connectors rather than crimping the wires together.

Programming the opener to my Garage Door units was a snap and Calibrating the Compass only took a few circles in the street to give me an accurate compass reading. I will test out the Auto Dimming feature some night when I can drive around with the top down.


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