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I've seen this thread discussed many times, but with no precise conclusion. Guess, I unwillingly got some useful information on this matter.

TL;DR + Disclaimer
It is feasible, even from NA-spec to EU-spec. It will definitely void your warranty and may be not road-legal in some countries/states with strict regulations.

For the brave ones, read further.

What works in my setup:
  • Low Beam
  • Parking lights — segmented halo is lit discreetly
  • Auto lighting (why wouldn't it?)
  • No error messages on the cluster, none seen via OBD scanner, including proprietary ones.

What doesn't work:
  • DRL (I'm 90% sure it's a wiring issue — TBC in a couple of weeks)
  • High beam (same as DRL since same LED unit is used for both modes)
  • Auto-rotating (or whatever that feature is called. It doesn't follow the steering wheel position and unlikely will without a dedicated ECU)

Some backstory: I bought my 2017 US-spec 124 Abarth restored after a minor crash. The car took part in some "train docking" action — hit in the rear end and chased a car in front and lost all rear and front lights. The guy who restored it (not me) installed a pair of used EU-spec LED headlights, although the car initially had halogen, so potentially so you can do too.

I guess the biggest challenge is wiring, and here's why:
1. If you look at the back of the halogen headlights housing, you see multiple lamp sockets with wiring coming to each lamp (random ebay lot image):

2. However, looking at the rear side of the LED assembly, there's just one observable socket on the back:

...and what looks like another socket at the bottom — see right corner below the "1" label:

So as I understand, all you need is to find corresponding plugs for these sockets and rewire your halogen harness to the right pins. Whoever did my retrofit wasn't much quality-oriented and I assume forgot to test the high beam wiring. I'm also wondering if there is some plug'n'play option with buying OEM LED wiring harness off Redlineautoparts or a salvage yard.

Anyways, I'll be taking the car to a shop in a couple of weeks for a bumper repaint, and they should also have a wiring specialist whom I'll ask to look into fixing the high beam and making some photos if you're interested.

P.S: Funnily, when the lights are completely off, I can "blink" pulling the high-beam lever — it engages the low beam LED.
When the low beam is ON, nothing happens when I pull the lever except for a blue high beam telltale that appears on the cluster. I'm wondering if that's how it's supposed to work.

Hope this is useful for someone. And I will also appreciate your ideas on fixing the high beam — e.g. does the real LED also have same "blinking" behavior? What about halogens?
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